N.O.W. (Nurture Outreach Witness)

The Church has a LERF Fund (Local Emergency Relief Fund) for anyone in the area who has come upon hard times and needs some financial assistance. Once approved, limited financial assistance is given to those in need.

We provide meals to those members of the church or their families, neighbors or friends who have returned from the hospital or nursing home and would enjoy a home cooked meal. We try to determine the person’s need and provide it. If someone needs a gas card or money for parking at the hospital or a gift card for a meal while visiting a loved one, we make every effort to provide for his or her needs.

The Lighthouse has been the recipient of non-perishable items during our Thank Offering season. At special Church services, the collections received have been donated to the Lighthouse as well.

Hats and mittens tree 1During the Christmas season, the members of the Church purchase hats and mittens to be shared with needy children in the area.

Also during the Christmas season, the congregation buys warm socks for the homeless who go to the Light of Life Ministries on the Northside in Pittsburgh. Our Pastor takes the socks to the shelter for distribution right before Christmas.

Instead of participating in the Christmas Samaritan’s Purse gifts, our focus this year will be Samaritan’s Purse style boxes which will be sent to the military. We will be gathering items for mail to the military with a projected date of the fourth of July.

There is a card ministry among our members. When we receive word of someone who is sick, or in the hospital or has suffered a loss, we send cards to them. If a member is celebrating a birthday or anniversary, a card is sent.


 Bear Ministry

 Whenever we know of someone that needs cheering, be it from an illness, a tragedy or some other need, we give them a bear, record it and pray for that person for a year.  Around the neck of each bear is a tag with the following message:  "This bear has been among the congregation of the Valencia United Methodist Church, 66 Almira Street, Valencia, PA  16059.  It has heard the word read, prayers prayed, songs of praise sung and the sermon preached.  It has been given love and has loved others.  Now it comes to you with the blessings of worship and love."




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Each spring the members review several programs for Vacation Bible School for the children. Once a selection is made, the program is purchased and meetings are held. The decorations and supplies are gathered. In the evenings of one designated week of the summer, our VBS is held. On the Sunday following the conclusion of our VBS event, the children present music, dancing and Bible verses to the congregation. They love to show off what they have learned.

The members of the church provide the desserts for the local Meals on Wheels program during the month of March. The desserts are taken Monday thru Friday during the month. The organization appreciates the help which we provide to them.

The Pastor and several leaders of the Church make visits to the sick, those in the hospitals or in Nursing Homes.

When someone in our church family is in need of prayer, the Pastor is called. He activates the Prayer Chain which consists of at least a dozen members. The last member on the list, calls the Pastor back to insure messages have been received by all the Prayer Warriors.

It is and has always been, the Church’s desire to nurture the youth of our Church and have the boys and girls become Confirmed.  What does it mean to go through Confirmation?  Click here.