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  • Maximum occupancy – 125 at tables
  • No alcohol or smoking on church property. Person reserving hall is responsible for enforcing rules.
  • Appropriate decorations are allowed. No masking tape on walls or any substance that will deface walls. Only tacky adhesive may be used to hang on walls. Streamers may be hung from cross bars in ceilings. If any damage is done, restitution is expected. Decorations must be appropriate and in good taste. Music must be approved by a member of the trustees or the board.
  • Facility must be left in the same condition as when they acquire use.


The fee is $50.00 for members in advance and $150.00 for non-members in advance. A deposit of $100.00 will be required to be paid in advance by non-members only. If there is no damage and the hall is left in the same condition as when rented, the $100.00 deposit will be refunded. If there is any damage, a fee will be determined and the remaining balance, if any, of the $100.00 deposit will be refunded.

Table and Chair Rental

Wooden Tables may be rented and removed from the Church at a cost of $10.00 per table. Card table chairs with no cushions may be rented at 12 chairs for $10.00. Anyone renting tables and/or chairs assume all liability and risk when removed from the Church premises. The new plastic tables may not be rented. The new cushioned card table chairs may not be rented. Members may borrow tables and chairs at no cost.


For more information or to make reservations, please contact the office at 724.625.2330. 

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